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Artists Reaching Out: An Interview With Justyn Brodsky

I've had the pleasure of interviewing musicians from all around North America (and a few from outside).  One part of my interviews I would love to expand is other aspects of the music industry.  Too many times I see up and coming musicians (and friends from past projects) have their eyes on the ultimate prize.  While the aspirations of being a rock star are admirable, they are very few and far between.  So like most of us that didn't quite make the cut, we still wanted to find ways to be part of that music community that we've loved for all those years.  Mine happened to come in the form of blogging, photography, music discussion, and the odd time to collaborate with other artists for fun.

Not knocking those who have the dreams to become part of spotlight on that distant stage, but there are a lot of aspects in music that few artists know about such as marketing, distribution, contracts, riders, touring schedules, management, legalities, and much more.  That's where this interview comes into play and gives you the additional edge.

One company that caught my attention recently came from the New York/Tri-State area called Artist Reach.  I reached out to CEO Justyn Brodsky in hopes he would shed some information on his company and what he offers to the music industry.  We discussed a wide range of topics such as about artist development, music business, industry problems, solutions, and more.  Check out the Q&A below!

(Photo courtesy of Artist Reach Facebook Page)

Tell us about Artist Reach and what inspired you to start this? 

Artist Reach (formerly The Pact Music Society) is a New York City/Tri-State Area based Company that provides Elite Music Industry Services. Artist Development, which comes in many forms on different levels, is one of the designated specialties that brings a "for musicians, by musicians" formula that makes us a trusted direct source based on our hands on experience both on stage and off. 

Also, the services we provide not only produce some of the best results; we are also priced right. What inspired me? The love of music and helping others find their love for it the way I did. I believe sharing the dream is just as inspiring as living it.

What have you learned about independent artists since starting your business? 

Being an independent artist myself, I'd have to say uniqueness. There's something special about every artist even though some are still on their path to reaching their potential. Their Artist Reach ;)

What do you feel artists lack today? 

Knowing the business. A lot of these bands and indie singers either have poor presentation, or little/none at all. Whether it be a decent website, the ability to engage with fans with good impressions, marketing, and so on. It takes more than just picking up your instrument. Plus you need to be aware of your surroundings in the industry. Who can you trust? Who's on your team? Are you in this for the right reasons? These are things that are very crucial to your career.

What do you believe will help take artists to the next level that is talented in their music but lacking in fan base? 

Like said above--knowing the business. Having the best presentation. Having a support system. 

(Photo courtesy of Artist Reach Facebook Page)

Is the independent route the best route to take these days instead of signing with a label and going mainstream? 

In my opinion, yes. I've always been on the up and up with the DIY approach. Labels are like school loans a lot of the time. And can really play with vulnerable artists that can render them in horrible contractual situations. No Artist in ANY label decision should just sign away. Take the contract to a lawyer. Reach out to your connections. Don't end up on cloud nine and let love blind you in this industry. The consequences can be brutal. And I've seen labels split up many Artists. But not all label situations are necessarily bad. Just make sure you know what you're getting into.

How does your company help artists? 

We produce the best results at the best prices, and have yet to leave a soul unhappy. We mentor them, personalize them, review them, promote them on our very large following, and help fix any issues they may have, or help plan their next move. We consult them, qualify them with the best plan of action, and help them achieve it. We also provide free advice and music articles/resources via Social Media, so artists out there can always read something that could very much help them.

Who are some artists that you've seen expand their careers after using your services? 

One group that got in touch with us in 2013 that purchased our promo package goes by the name of 5 Seconds of Summer. Are we responsible for their fame? Probably not, but I won't rule it out entirely. John Feldman (Producer and Guitar/Vox of Goldfinger) took them on. He follows Artist Reach on Twitter; it is a long shot, but maybe he found them through us. But I can't confirm that. 

Other than that, we've helped many indies enhance their fan bases just off our promo packages alone. We've also assisted some tour booking for a few Artists as well. We try to keep Artist Reach as a family, and many Artists stay motivated from that idea of togetherness and refusing failure as an option.

Why do you want to help artists today? 

It's a passion. It's my heart. You meet amazing people, do amazing things, and also make some decent money too! But overall, being an artist and helping others is expanding horizons in your own career in and of itself. I was inspired to be an artist, now it's my turn to inspire others.

And what is your main goal that you're striving to accomplish with your company?

Friendships. Success. Growth. Artist Careers reaching new heights. And utilizing my skills to take the Company in the direction where it'll get the best publicity, reputation, and name for itself. Sky is the limit.

                                                                    (Justyn Brodsky, CEO and Founder of Artist Reach)

A big thanks to Justyn for taking the time to hash out a few of these answers and give some readers a chance to look further into the music industry beyond the scope of the stage.  At the same time, providing musicians an avenue to pursue that dream they have been chasing.


"The Music Industry has been waiting for something like this for a long time -- a source run by real musicians and talent. Me and my friends signed up for the Guitar Lesson a Program last year...and we still take them. Best money we have ever spent, and have learned so much. Justyn is unlike anyone you'll ever meet. Realist dude in the game and won't let you down! His abilities will inspire you endlessly! This isn't just some Music Bogus "Network". This is the real deal!" -Zack Greene

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