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Music Releases For October 28th, 2014

Cue the heavy metal and holiday music!  Because that's what this week has given us for music releases.  It seems about right as well considering Friday is Halloween and companies are looking for any excuse to try and bring in the festivities just a few days/weeks earlier.  Those profit margins aren't gonna push themselves you know!

So yeah there are a couple gems I have been waiting for on this list.    At The Gates returns with the first new album in over nineteen years!  That's crazy!  I have also been looking forward to some of the heavier stuff such as Black Veil Brides, Unearth (whom I just recently did a live photo review for), Devin Townsend's Z², and of course some older rockers such as The Who and Jerry Lee Lewis.  Overall, I think my week will be zipping by with the help of these albums.  

Live and Crowe Brothers will be my new additions to the mix.  It's been forever since listening to Live and now with a new singer (founding member Ed Kowalczyk exited the group after 23+ years including a 2 year hiatus) I am interested to see if the new singer injects some motivation into the band.  I know I'd sure like to hear another hit album like "Throwing Copper".  Crowe Brothers are brand new to me so the bluegrass/country vibe will keep the distortion at bay (haha).

So like usual folks.  This site may not make money but the albums we promote does!  So be a doll and show some love for these artists.  Pay the $10 for the physical copy at your local record shop, or grab it from an online retailer or trusted digital source.  Cheers and have a great week discovering!

(Jerry Lee Lewis - Rock & Roll Time)

Because this is an album from a man of such reputation there is no room for faltering and so the record’s short running time and exemplary sequencing are two of the album’s greatest strengths. “Sick and Tired” is equal to “Keep Me in Mind” in greatness as are “Blues Like Midnight” (an excellent turn from Robertson again) and Lynne’s chance to shine, “Here Comes That Rainbow Again”.

It hardly seems possible to consider that Jerry Lee Lewis would put anything less than his best foot forward, but we know the tales of wildness and excess but what gets lost in all the rubbernecking and footnotes as the years past and his visibility is sometimes less than it once was is how great a musician he is and how lucky we are to still have him. -Pop Matters

(Crowe Brothers - Forty Years Old)

*No reviews at this time

(The Who - Hits 50!)

*No reviews at this time

(Live - The Turn)

So yeah, while it isn’t perfect, there are some songs I don’t quite gel with, it’s impossible to say they are bad songs, they just don’t quite work for me. But the ones that do, really do – Sirens, Don’t Run to Wait, Rodgerton, By Design, Strength, Need Tonight, Open the Door, Devil and Came Around … I can see myself listening to these songs for a very, very long time.

Overall, Live, take a bow. I have been a fan since I was 6 years old, through the best of times and the worst, and I’ve technically been waiting 14 years for the band to write together again as an actual unit and I can honestly say that I do not feel disappointed at all. I feel thoroughly satisfied and like it was worth the wait.  Welcome back! -Traces of Waste

(Nick Oliveri's Uncontrollable - Leave Me Alone)

This album is far from a one trick pony either. Take the classic rock feel of Luv Is Fiction, or the acoustic, instrumental title track Leave Me Alone. Then there’s the desert rock Robot Man (complete with police sirens, radio and helicopter – perhaps a tongue in cheek reference to his run in with a SWAT team a few years ago) or the storming album closer Death Leads The Way. This is an album with real diversity in sound.

With so many guests and such variation in styles you’d perhaps be worried that the album doesn’t ‘flow’ together as a whole. If you’re thinking this, please rest assured, Oliveri’s punk attitude flows throughout each and every song, and this helps to mesh everything together into one cohesive record. -Pure Rawk

(Rancid - ...Honor Is All We Know)

At times Armstrong’s vocals can sound a bit gassed on tracks like on “Now We’re Through”, whether for effect or not it can be a bit distracting, but for a punk band late into their career to create a disk this potent sounding, forgiving a few mis-breaths is easy.

From the gritty raw punk of “Already Dead” to the more rockcentric “Malfunction” the band are comfortably in a groove, writing and recording songs that fit their quality high level. While maybe not to their high-water mark …And Out Come The Wolves you can still safely add …Honor Is All We Know to the groups amazing back catalog as Rancid once again deliver. -Glide Magazine

(Lagwagon - Hang)

Hang is not the same record as Resolve, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Where the latter was a combination of raw emotion and somewhat reactionary, Hang is the product of a very experienced and talented band carefully crafting a set of songs. And they’re damn good. Add to the mix (no pun intended) the amazing production from Bill Stevenson and the Blasting Room and the final product is what any fan of the band will immediately love. If you disagree, take a few more listens, you’ll come around. -Punk News

(Devin Townsend - Z²)

'Dark Matters' is, without question, completely mental. The militaristic March Of The Poozers is the most epic piece Townsend has ever penned, the hammy narration is second-to-none and there's no end of quotable lines. While packing less depth than 'Sky Blue', it delivers fun and an unbridled lack of self-consciousness, making 'Z²' one of Townsend's most accomplished, deliriously juxtaposed works to date. Prepare yourself, human. -Stereoboard

(Black Veil Brides - Black Veil Brides)

Musically, it sounds a natural progression but also a more accomplished work while keeping the album dynamic, very melodic specially on the stand out tracks The Shattered God and Crown of Thorns. There are more vocal nuances that fit with music perfectly. Love the harmony (vocals/guitars) on The Shattered God.

All in all, IV is their best work to date. They redefine the genre rock/heavy metal and they do with an unmistakable honesty and a convincing enthusiasm that captivates the listeners. -Evigshed

(Unearth - Watchers of the Rule)

Watchers of Rule may not re-invent the wheel, but at this stage in the band’s firmly established career, that seems far from the point.

Unearth have fashioned a fully kick-ass album overflowing with hi-speed thunderous riffage that comfortably straddles the line between thrash and metalcore, deep soulful breakdowns that you can’t help but bang your head to, powerful vocals that sit perfectly atop all sorts of triumphant guitar leads, and a precise, hard-hitting rhythm section fantastically helmed by somewhat recent addition drummer Nick Pierce. -Metal Sucks

(Sister Sin - Black Lotus)

I do not want to call Sister Sin a throwback band, but their sound definitely sends me looking for my old Warlock cassettes. Vocalist Liv Jagrell has obviously been influenced by the great Doro Pesch in her style and delivery. This carries over to the rest of the band, and you can hear it in their music.

They have the hooks, the looks, and attitude to be at that level. Is it because they are on a label whose roster is more known for hardcore, death metal, and metalcore? I hope not, because “Black Lotus” has everything Sister Sin needs to get to the next level. It is not that I listen to the radio very often, but when I do, it would be nice to hear some Sister Sin on there. -This Is Not A Scene

(At The Gates - At War With Reality)

At War With Reality is neither pointless or disappointing. Yes, it’s not quite as good as Slaughter of the Soul, but it’s worthy follow-up considering the hurdles it had to clear. At War With Reality is distinctly slower and moodier and seems to flirt with the hardcore sound of frontman Tomas Lindberg’s criminally-underrated Disfear.

With At War With Reality, At the Gates have effectively solidified Slaughter of the Soul’s reputation as untouchable. However, At the Gates has at least proved that they’re more dynamic songwriters than they were in the early 90s. Although it has been panned as such, At War With Reality isn’t a mere income opportunity for At the Gates and is a worthy addition to any metal fan’s record collection. -Empty Lighthouse

(Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice)

The band tries to slip into prog territory, but it never sacrifices musicality for technical display, and its melodies stay intact. But even on this side of prog, those passages can feel inhibited, modulating aimlessly and petering out. It's on this song that their sense of humor disappears most completely, and the song's two second-handclap part (the one part that sounds like it was made by humans) is too good and over too fast. Next time Minus the Bear should rely less on safety, more on fortune. -Pitchfork

(As Blood Runs Black - Ground Zero)

"Regardless if we hit our goal or not we are still going to record & put out a new record this winter. We owe it to you guys to figure out a way. How well or how far it goes depends on you. Our goal will bless us with the ability to record, mix and master the new album with the engineer we want, buy & fix our trailer, create flexibility for pre production, tour areas never before, replace stolen gear, & give us a place to finish writing & rehearsing the new album." -ABRB

(Darius Rucker - Home For The Holidays)

We wanted to make one of those records that a fan of R&B music would put it on and go, ‘That’s a good Christmas record!’ And a fan of Country music would put it on and go, ‘That’s a good Christmas record.  And a fan of pop music would put it on and go, ‘That’s a pretty cool Christmas record!’ I’m hoping it’s one of those records that people just love. I want fans to love it and play it for their kids. I’m hoping that there’s some kid who is two years old today, and when he’s 14 and they ask him what reminds him of Christmas, he says, ‘The Darius Rucker Christmas record.’ That would be awesome! -Rucker

(Celtic Thunder - Holiday Symphony)

For the group's first symphony orchestra tour, Celtic Thunder will depart from their large scale set productions to perform seasonal music from Holiday Symphony, joined in each market by prestigious local orchestras including the Dallas Pops, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Nashville Symphony Orchestra, among others.  The new Celtic Thunder touring production will spotlight holiday favorites ranging from carols to contemporary classics as well as signature Celtic Thunder hit songs and traditional Irish numbers. Celtic Thunder will perform a mixture of solo, duets and ensemble number in a spectacular concert experience. -PR News Wire

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Coming of Soundgarden's Storm

Something is brewing over at the Soundgarden camp between artwork and new material.  A brand new song emerged earlier today and so far has got everyone on board!  Check out the new single "Storm" which most of us are hoping is a precursor to a new album.  More details as they come in!

A few YouTube comments have resonated my feelings towards the song as well with references to "Louder Than Love" (1989) or "Badmotorfinger" (1991).  While "Superunknown" (1994) was my first experience into Soundgarden's world, I tend to agree that this kind of music blends the old with the new.  A eerie tempo, dark imagery, and some killer drum beats makes for an impressive new single.  Let's hope they can keep the momentum for an entire new album!


So it seems we now have much more information regarding the upcoming releases from Soundgarden.  The new single "Storm" is featured on the November 24th three disc release titled "Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path".  The information regarding the three discs is listed below (thanks to Topspin Media for the email):

"Disc 1, dubbed “ORIGINALS,” is filled with Soundgarden-written songs, mainly B-sides, in addition to two unreleased songs, “Kristi” and “Storm.”

1. Sub Pop Rock City
2. Toy Box
3. Heretic
4. Fresh Deadly Roses
5. HIV Baby
6. Cold Bitch
7. Show Me
8. She’s A Politician
9. Birth Ritual
10. She Likes Surprises
11. Kyle Petty, Son of Richard
12. Exit Stonehenge
13. Blind Dogs
14. Bleed Together
15. Black Rain
16. Live To Rise
17. Kristi*
18. Storm*

Disc 2, “COVERS,” offers a stellar showcase of songs written by bands that Soundgarden love and admire, from The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Doors  to The Stooges, the Ramones and DEVO. 

1. Swallow My Pride
2. Smokestack Lightnin’
3. Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (John Peel BBC Sessions)*
4. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (John Peel BBC Sessions)*
5. Come Together
6. Stray Cat Blues
7. Into The Void (Sealth)
8. Girl U Want
9. Touch Me
10. Can You See Me? (Friday Rock Show BBC Sessions)
11. Homicidal Suicidal (Friday Rock Show BBC Sessions)
12. I Can’t Give You Anything (Friday Rock Show BBC Sessions)
13. I Don’t Care About You (Friday Rock Show BBC Sessions)
14. Waiting For The Sun (Live)
15. Search And Destroy (Live)
16. Big Bottom (Live)
17. Earache My Eye (Live)

Disc 3, “ODDITIES,” offers instrumentals, remixes and demos, including Steve Fisk's unreleased “The Telephantasm (Resurrection Remix)”, “Twin Tower,” penned by Matt Cameron, which was originally recorded at Seattle’s London Bridge studio in December 1988 during the sessions for Louder Than Love, and “Night Surf”, an instrumental performed by bassist Ben Shepherd."

1. Twin Tower*
2. Jerry Garcia’s Finger
3. Ghostmotorfinger
4. Night Surf*
5. A Splice Of Space Jam
6. The Telephantasm
7. Black Days III
8. Karaoke
9. Fopp (Fucked Up Heavy Dub Mix)
10. Big Dumb Sex (Dub Version)
11. Spoonman (Steve Fisk Remix)
12. Rhinosaur (The Straw That Broke The Rhino’s Back Remix)
13. Dusty (Moby Remix)
14. The Telephantasm (Steve Fisk 2014 Remix)*
15. One Minute Of Silence

* Previously Unreleased

Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge

The legendary shock rocker seems to be quite busy nowadays.  Between some extensive tours with Cooper and Zombie, his cameo appearances in the seventh and final season of Son of Anarchy, and now showcasing new material it's hard to understand how Marilyn Manson has time for all this.  The 45 year old won't let age play a factor in his momentum despite the down tempo of his newest single.

So as of yesterday (October 26th), Manson released a new single titled "Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge".  Sound about right as Manson has always incorporated the sex, drugs & rock n roll lifestyle into his music.  It's all the typical sounds you would hear in a Manson song (creepy strained voice, eerie guitar leads, bouncy tempo).  You can sign up for a free copy of the single to download over at his official website.

The song really does give me a Mechanical Animals kind of vibe if anyone else is trying to put an era to this tune.  After a few bleak releases such as "Eat Me, Drink Me" and "The High End of Low", Manson came storming back with "Born Villain" and now his new work scheduled to be released sometime in 2015.  No further details have been given about the new album so far but if it's anything like the single, then rest assured all Manson fans should be buying into this.

"After the puke and shape-shifting. When the broken glass settles. It is no hero. The shots you will hear are from a mouth disguised as a gun. Now I begin." -Manson

Friday, October 24, 2014

Music Video Round Up For October 24th, 2014

Going through my playlist at the end of a work week is like the toast to the weekend; especially when you have been gone away on vacation for the past week with no contact with the outside world.  YouTube playlists and subscriptions coming out my ears so sometimes it's rather hard to follow each upload unless doing a round up such as this.  I hope this will make the starting of your weekend energetic, whether you are going into work or escaping from it.

Apologies in advance for those who loathe my video articles but there are just too many great clips out there to ignore.  So if you do not have the bandwidth to watch this video, then too bad!  Hahaha just kidding.

So for the slower connections just load the article, go for a coffee/glass of water, return, play and enjoy!  This will surely be one of my playlists for the end of the work day and hopefully doesn't keep your eyes glued to the screen for too long.  Cheers and happy Friday!

**Please note that this week's round up was quite extensive and therefore did not have all the normal information posted below.  Please click on the hyperlinks of each video to find out more about the artist and album releases.**

Gwen Stefani - Baby Don't Lie:

"Stefani's manager Irving Azoff revealed that the 44-year-old singer is currently in Miami, recording new tracks with frequent collaborator (and Voice co-star) Pharrell Williams." -Billboard

Monster Magnet - The Duke:

"Monsert Magnet's latest release "Last Patrol" was released on October 15th, 2013 via Napalm Records.  The song will also appear on the upcoming "Milking the Stars: A Re-Imagining of Last Patrol" which will be released on November 14th, 2014 via Napalm Records.

The Unchained - Dirty Walls (feat. Bryan Fontez):

"Download 'DIRTY WALLS' during October and ALL funds raised will be donated to Canadian music charity MusiCounts. Your contribution is needed and makes a HUGE difference!" -The Unchained

Butcher Babies - They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!:

"As kids, we always loved this creepy, quirky song around Halloween time. So, we thought it would be perfect to ring in the Halloween season with this video reminiscent of old slasher films. Enjoy!" -Butcher Babies

Terror - Cold Truth:

"Cold Truth" is taken from Terror's latest release "Live By The Code" which was released on April 5th, 2013 via Victory Records.

Sanctuary - Frozen:

"The Year the Sun Died" is the third studio album by Sanctuary and was released on October 14th, 2014 via Century Media Records.

Fit For A King – Slave To Nothing:

Fit For A King's latest album "Slave To Nothing" was released on October 14th, 2014 via Solid State Records.

Issues - Mad At Myself:

Issues' self titled album was released on February 18th, 2014 via Rise Records.

Sylosis - Mercy:

"Mercy" is the new single from UK band Sylosis.  It will be featured on their upcoming 2015 relase titled "Dormant Heart".

Exotype - Wide Awake (ft. Chad Ruhlig):

Exoptype's self titled debut record was released on October 7th, 2014 via Rise Records.

Hundredth - Free Mind / Open Spirit:

"Free Mind/Open Spirit" is featured on Hundredth's EP "Revolt" which was released on March 19th, 2013 via Mediaskare Records.  The group recently signed with Hopeless Records and have re-released a few previous tracks.

Chasing Safety - Far Away:

"Far Away" is taken from Chasing Safety's latest album "Season of the Dead" which was released on October 14th, 2014 via Outerloop Records.

Haken - Darkest Light:

"Darkest Light" is the first single from the new Haken EP "Restoration" which will be released on October 27th, 2014 via InsideOut Records.

At The Gates - Death And The Labyrinth:

"At Wat With Reality" is the first album from Sweden's At The Gates in 19 years!  It will be released on October 28th, 2014 via Century Media Records.

Nightwish - Arabesque (Live):

Live clip from Nightwish's live CD/DVD/Blu-Ray "Showtime, Storytime" which was released on December 10th, 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Cloudkicker - Subsume Part 1 (Live):

Cloudkicker recently went on a North American tour and had Intronaut as his live band.  This track is taken from "Live With Intronaut" which will be released on November 24th, 2014 via Century Media Records,

I, The Breather - DEAR : DEVIL (Play Through):

Aaron Ovecka (I, The Breather) performs "Dear:Devil" from the album "Life Reaper" which was released on July 15th, 2014 via Sumerian Records.

Devin Townsend Project - Rejoice (Lyric Video):

"Z²" (short for Ziltoid 2) will be released on October 27th, 2014 via HevyDevy Records.

Sabaton - Night Witches (Lyric Video):

The song's lyrics are describing the all female Soviet 588th Night Bomber Regiment called "Night Witches".  It's taken from the latest Sabaton album titled "Heores" which was released on May 16th, 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Thomas Giles - Mutilated World (Audio):

"Modern Noise" will be released on November 25th, 2014 via Mteal Blade Records.

In This Moment - Black Widow

Totally stoked to hear about the new In This Moment album!  "Blood" was a huge win for the band (as well as Century Media Records), one of the highest viewed articles on AFGM, and the imagery for the new album seems to be better than the previous.  All of which makes for a highly anticipated album!  So let's recap what have gathered so far about the album.  

Maria Brink and the boys from ITM have set November 17th, 2014 as the release date for the new album "Black Widow".  After a long term relationship with Century Media for their first four album the group has parted ways and signed a newly inked deal with Atlantic Records for this fifth album.  As Maria explains below:

"'Black Widow' is definitely the darker part of me.  This album is about finding the weakness inside and turning it into strength. It's about being reborn, setting yourself free and realizing the balance in everything — the dark and the light.

We are very excited to be releasing this album through Atlantic Records who have put out some of the greatest and most revered albums of all time. I am so ready and excited for the launch of this album. I think people will embrace its diversity and hearing different sides of us that they haven't experienced yet." -Brink

As mentioned before, "Black Widow" will be released on November 17th, 2014 via Atlantic Records.  As you can no doubt see that the track listing has quite  bit of dark matter and sex thrown into the mix.  Even though I have no idea what the lyrical content might pan out to be, song names such as "Dirty Pretty", "Sexual Hallucination", and "Natural Born Sinner" really give a dark edge to the album and might be buying into the sex appeal that is Maria Brink (and the boys for all the ladies reading).

1. The Infection
2. Sex Metal Barbie
3. Big Bad Wolf
4. Dirty Pretty
5. Black Widow
6. Sexual Hallucination
7. Sick Like Me
8. Bloody Creature Poster Girl
9. The Fighter
10. Bones
11. Natural Born Sinner
12. Into The Darkness
13. Out Of Hell

The album was produced once again by Kevin Churko at the The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Churko produced their previous albums "Blood" (along with other releases from ITM), and many other artists (Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Five Finger Death Punch, Gemini Syndrome, Hellyeah, Hinder, etc).  Guitarist Chris Howorth explains the direction of this album and keeping the same producer despite changing labels.

“We have a bunch of ideas and the way we did ‘Blood’ was different than we’d done any album before. We brought ideas and pieces and parts into the studio and wrote each song in the studio, one at a time. All the other albums we had the songs formatted and together already. So we’re going to do the same thing again. We’re gonna try to replicate the magic of ‘Blood’ and try to take the style and sound we had for ‘Blood’ and just do it bigger and better while still keeping true to that same vibe. That’s our sound. We feel like we found something and want to stick the flag in the ground on top of that hill.” -Howorth

Even the first single of the album has some pretty decent art work to go along with it.  I don't know why but my initial reaction to the "Sick Like Me" artwork resembled something between the films "Cool Wold" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"  I think it really speaks to Maria's character, or at least that what she had to say regarding the song and direction of the artwork.

"Here we go again.  This was by far the most challenging, exciting and rewarding experience we've ever had making a record. We threw out the rulebook and tried to create something fearless, constantly pushing ourselves to make an album unlike anyone has heard before. Fans, get ready for this ride — everything is going to the next level." -Howorth

"That's kind of about embracing more of these things in me that I used to kind of keep 'em inside and they're a little bit twisted and they're a little bit wrong, I guess.  And also, when you find another person who really, I guess, knows who you are and they find all of these things that maybe I would consider flaws in myself — they find that beautiful and like, I guess, things that make me who I am." -Brink

So we have seen a brand spankin' new music video to go along with it.  I have mentioned imagery before in this article.  Keep that in mind when watching the video as I was completely zoned out to the world around me when watching.  I think Maria and Robert Kley did a great job at directing this video.

So more information and audio/video when it becomes available folks.  Keep checking back for updates and new material!  Also, be sure to catch ITM on tour through your town this fall/winter.