Thursday, March 31, 2016

Show Review: August Burns Red @ MacEwan Hall, Calgary

So despite me attending at least a handful of shows in Calgary so far, I have yet to do reviews on them.  It's kind of that debacle between paying attention to the details of the show, or having a couple beers and just enjoying the sights/sounds/people.  More often than none my laziness has taken over and I just want to be one of the fans enjoying music.  On the other hand, August Burns Red's performance on Tuesday night (March 29th) invoked a response.

While touring across Canada/US on a co-headlining tour alongside Between The Buried and Me, August Burns Red hosted many eager fans at the University of Calgary's MacEwan Hall.  Me being the party pooper I am, I missed the opening acts of the show due to my day job.  However, we (the girlfriend and I) managed to make our way in for the tail end of BTBAM's performance, which ended amazing due to their dueling guitar solo(s).  While not being a major fan of BTBAM, this was definitely worth the price of the ticket.  Hint hint, they are some major talented artists!

(Photo courtesy of August Burns Red, and Wikipedia)

Now we move onto the main attraction of the evening.  Being that it has been many years since I have seen them take the stage, I had a million different thoughts going through my head.  My first thought was 'they better play some of the tunes I want to hear', like any other selfish music lover would want.  Despite them not playing "Truth of a Liar" or "A Shot Below The Belt", the entire show screamed of professionalism.  The lighting for the show was perfect, the sound was almost perfect the entire time, the crowd energy was very apparent, and the band had equal tons of energy to expel in their fourteen song set.  Check it out below:

1. Martyr
2. Identity
3. Empire
4. Everlasting Ending
5. Spirit Breaker
6. Cutting the Ties
7. Provision
8. Back Burner
9. Ghosts
10. Marianas Trench
11. Composure
12. Majoring in the Minors
13. Drum Solo
14. White Washed

From "Martyr" to "White Washed", the five members seemed like they were both enjoying themselves, and giving 110%.  All in all, a win in my books, and a reminder of why I pay to see them every time they come through town.

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