Friday, March 14, 2014

Memphis May Fire Streaming ENTIRE "Unconditional" Album

Since the days of their EP "Between The Lies", Memphis May Fire have made a lasting impression on me as they continue to pummel listeners with epic breakdowns, decent bridge structure, quality production and vocal range.  With "Deuces La Cruces" being one of my all time favourite songs from them, I am very excited to hear what MMF have completed four years and three albums later.

An original 'Risecore' band in my books, these guys didn't necessarily forge a new path in the grand scheme of metal, but I found helped progress it that many other bands have tried to emulate of follow for influence.  So this is their latest effort called "Unconditional".  With "The Hollow" and "Challenger" making quite a splash in North America and getting them some decent touring schedules, I am very hopeful and excited for this new album.

"Unconditional" will be released everywhere on March 25th, 2014 via Rise Records.

(p.s. - "Possibilities" is running as my favourite song thus far.  Let's see if you think otherwise.)

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