Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Amity Affliction - Let The Ocean Take Me

Ahh my love for Australian metal has been rejuvenated once more.  Brisbane's The Amity Affliction have done quite well for themselves over the past few years.  Some very successful album releases, non-stop touring, and the constant interaction on social media (not to mention a big label like Roadrunner) have combined to work in their favour.  255,000+ followers on Facebook alone (plus the 43K on Twitter and 23K on Instagram) is a good momentum to have for their forth full length release.

TAA's new album "Let The Ocean Take Me" was released on June 6th (AUS), June 9th (UK) & June 10th (USA) via Roadrunner Records.

1. Pittsburgh
2. Lost & Fading
3. Don’t Lean On Me
4. The Weigh Down
5. Never Alone
6. Death’s Head
7. FML
8. My Father’s Son
9. Forest Fire
10. Give It All

So the guys seem like they are really excited about this new album.  Using past releases to predict futures, it seems they have been honing in on their craft and making sure that they stay true to a core sound that brought the fans in, while at the same time hoping to tweak songs just a bit to give them distinction and originality.  It's a fine line to play but the payoff is worth it for the artists.

“We’ve always been in this for the long haul, and we always want to keep getting better.  We toured for five years around Australia almost non-stop before anyone even really noticed us, and then with each of our records our following seemed to double. That’s really humbling, because we never set out to be ‘successful’ in this way, and our fans are really important to us, and we’re just going to keep writing the best songs we can.” -Birch

The Amity Affliction consists of:

Troy Brady – guitar | Ahren Stringer – vocals; guitar | Joel Birch – unclean vocals
Ryan Burt – drums | Dan Brown – guitar

Since discussing the new single "Pittsburgh", I thought to share it with you all as well to make your own assumptions and decisions about the new material from TAA.  Even one of my top sites to visit, Under The Gun, has been giving the new song high praise, citing "The lyricism of this band has to be some of my favorite in the music scene right now. Their verses are so well written and so raw; it’s easy for anyone to make a connection with the band. “Pittsburgh” is one of the best songs they’ve released so far, and I hope it’s only one of many."

Production Company: | Director/DP/Editor: Simon Harvey Smith | Producer: Clint Gough

It's like there's cancer in my blood,
It's like there's water in my lungs,
And I can't take another step --
Please tell me I am not undone.

From reading comments from both Birch and Stringer, the guys still got that 'butterflies in your stomach' feeling that you get when completing a song, a painting, a photograph, etc.  Just basically when you set a goal and it follows through for you.

“We were in a better place going into making this record, and coming out of the studio with an album we’re all so proud of has only elevated that.  It’s such an overwhelming feeling sometimes when you listen to a song you worked so hard on and go holy shit, we made that from scratch. It’s a feeling you can’t get from anything else, and that applies to every song on Let The Ocean Take Me. With that under our belts we’re all just looking ahead right now, we’re excited for what’s next, and I feel like the sky’s the limit.” -Stringer

Orders are happening now so be sure to get the new album with some pretty cool merch.  As as always from AFGM, we're crossing our fingers for a string of Canadian dates soon enough.  Stay tuned for more info!

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