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Full Album Stream: I See Stars - New Demons

So one of the newest sections I created was "Full Album Streams".  Not only did this gave folks something to listen to when they are cruising the site (being that the original intention of this site was to acts as a hub to explore), but also a chance for people to explore new artists, new genres, and new albums before deciding to purchase them (also from links on AFGM's site).

Full album streams seem to be a new fad that a lot of internet savvy people are jumping on.  It can be in the form of a Soundcloud widget, a YouTube playlist, or even a single YouTube video.  This often gives record labels a chance to promote new artists and for people to subscribe to their social media pages.  So hopefully this provides you access to some new music, bands, and/or artists.  Cheers!

PS - Feel free to send us an email if you have any albums you think you should be on this list or a new one coming out we missed.  We're always listening!

(Artwork by AFGM.  Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Hailing from Warren, Michigan, I See Stars has become a regular household name for electronicore (electronic/metalcore) fans.  Having been on the scene since 2006, the six piece group has produced four studio albums, two EPs, and two remix albums.  They were signed to Sumerian Records in 2008.  The group consists of:

Brent Allen – Guitar | Jimmy Gregerson – Guitar | Jeff Valentine – Bass
Zach Johnson – Unclean vocals, keyboards, synthesizers
Andrew Oliver – Drums, backing vocals | Devin Oliver – Clean vocals

Their fourth and latest album, New Demons, was released on October 22nd, 2013 via Sumerian Records.  It was produced by Joey Sturgis, who has worked with artists such as The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!,  Miss May I, We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, Emmure, Born of Osiris, Crown The Empire, and many more!

(Album artwork courtesy of I See Stars, and Sumerian Records)

1. Initialization Sequence
2. Ten Thousand Feet*
3. Follow Your Leader
4. New Demons*
5. Violent Bounce (People Like ¥øµ)
6. Murder Mitten*
7. We're Not In Kansas Anymore
8. Judith Rules
9. Boris the Animal
10. Crystal Ball
11. When I Say Jump, You Say How High
12. Who Am I?

New Demons is the record fans have always believed I See Stars were capable of making, and it sets the bar considerably high for any other group hoping to cash in on their electronic hardcore sound. I’m not foolish enough to think it will win over every naysayer, because the group has not changed entirely, but instead they have evolved over time into a better (and heavier) band that is really going to catch people off guard in the year ahead. -Under The Gun Review

The balance between Devin Oliver’s clean vocals and Zach Johnson’s harsh roars is tilted more than ever in Johnson’s direction, despite the fact some songs are almost as sickly sweet as those on ISS's sophomore album, The End Of The World Party. They’ve got a few new ideas, too, like the dancehall-metal rhythm of the title track and the almost Attila-like bounce of “Boris The Animal,” and several tracks reveal a fascination with dubstep wobbles. But really, New Demons is I See Stars playing to their strengths and rewarding their fans—who’ve had to wait 19 whole months for the band to follow up Digital Renegade, after all. -Alt Press

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