Friday, February 24, 2012

We Built This City on Rock N Roll!

Yeah I know that title is from San Fran's Jefferson Starship, but I thought it appropriate nonetheless.  So light of that...TGIFF everyone!

I'll be out of touch for the next lil while as I continue my travels to New York City this weekend.  Now I thought to myself 'what could be a good sign off for the week?'

I thought to pay a tribute to some great NYC bands over the years that I grew up listening to through high school and college.  Some amazing groups have made quite the name for themselves while emerging from the NYC hardcore scene:

Madball (New York, NY) - All or Nothing

Anthrax (New York, NY) - Caught In A Mosh

Sick of It All (Queens, NY) - Death or Jail

H2O (New York, NY) - What Happened? (feat. Lou Koller & Matt Skiba)

Life Of Agony (Brooklyn, NY) - Through and Through (on MTV2 Headbanger's Ball)

No I'm sure you folks can think of many, many more bands to name off coming from NYC and I encourage the YouTube links/comments.  Cheers and see you all next week sometime!

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