Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sworn Enemy Stream ENTIRE New Album “Living On Borrowed Time”

So when Sworn Enemy graced the plains of Montebello last year during Rockfest, the teenager in me just had to see them.  So despite some awesome acts performing on major stages, I patiently waited at stage #4 for these guys to set up, and ultimately tear down (metaphorically).  Being a long time fan of the group and discovering them at an early age when they were still supporting "As Real As It Gets" back in 2003.  For 11 years now, these guys have been my go-to band for those days where you feel the world is on your shoulders and you need to let out some aggression and/or energy.

So here is the latest effort from SE.  "Living on Borrowed Time" was released on May 13th, 2014 via Rock Ridge Music/ADA.  Check out the full album stream below.

1. Do or Die 
2. Hard Way 
3. Broken Hope 
4. Slipping Away 
5. No Apologies 
6. One Eye Open 
7. No Mercy 
8. Never Forget 
9. Stand and Deliver 
10. Nothing Changes 
11. Rise Above

"It's been a while since I've been this excited about Sworn Enemy and for good reason. We have a brand new record coming out through Rock Ridge Music. With some tours lined up for summer and fall. It's an all around good feeling in the Sworn Enemy camp. Stay tuned and we will keep everyone up to date on all the happenings." -Sal LoCoco

The group has evolved and changed quite a bit since their '03 days, and for the better I might add.  While they have not lost their NYC hardcore core sound that they made their popularity off of, they have worked with different producers such as Tim Lambesis, Zuess, and Jamey Jasta which has given them new ideas and song structure.  Overall, I feel the band has been progressing in the right direction with their discography, even with the lineup changes they have gone through over the years, much like's review:

Though the band was originally founded as a hardcore act, it wasn’t long until their riffs got thrashy and the tempos picked up. The band hasn’t lost their hardcore roots, with gang chants and mosh-worthy breakdowns still part of the foundation. Those elements are in full effect on the album, as proven by the old-school attitude of “Slipping Away” and the chugging pace driving “No Mercy.”

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