Friday, May 9, 2014

Random Music Quotes: Ryd

"Recently I started a discussion about 'Internet hate' on my blog. We receive lots of love, but also lots of shit on the Internet. Free speech on the Internet affects many people, not only us artists. It could be hard to handle the negative in the beginning, but now I'm used to it. I understand that it's very easy to say almost anything when you're sitting at home protected behind a screen. The problem is that it makes people say things they probably wouldn't say in 'real life.' People have different opinions about everything, just like I have mine. I know people have different tastes; it's normal. We get both positive and negative critique, and it's no problem for me to handle it. Constructive criticism can be very good, but when it comes to hating us because of the music we make, I get very concerned about the world, human rights, cyberbullism, respect, sexism, equality and the developing of the human mind in general." -Elize Ryd

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