Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Random Music Quotes: Dickinson

"People say, 'What's it like standing onstage in front of quarter of a million people?' I say, 'I really can't tell you, actually, because I'm too busy.' You have no time to stand there and go, 'Let me just stop thinking about the song, stop performing and let me just look at all these people looking at me … OK, thank you very much!'

I see these wankers onstage at places like fucking Glastonbury wandering around as if they had a mirror attached to themselves, gurning for the fucking cameras and paying no attention whatsoever to that kid in the front row….

(Photo courtesy of Summa Inferno and Iron Maiden)

We should be self-obsessed; actually we're audience-obsessed. That's what makes the difference between MAIDEN and everything else.  I'm not interested in being famous. Fame is the excrement of creativity, it's the shit that comes out the back end, it's a by-product of it. People think it's the excrement that you should be eating. It's not. It's the creativity and the audience and being there in the moment." -Dickinson

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