Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No Surrender

Taproot are getting set to release their latest album, "The Episodes", on Tuesday (April 10th, 2012) via Victory Records.  As part of the promo, Taproot has released the first music video for the album, featuring the track "No Surrender".  Check it out below:

"The video follows the story of the song, in which our main character is in dire need of escaping his dark and mysterious hotel room (not knowing what'd happened there, but feels something bad).  He is running away, unsure towards what, but longing for a sense of security and safety.  Do or die, No Surrender!" -Stephen Richards (vocals)

Track listing is as follows:

S01/E01: Good Morning
S01/E02: No Surrender
S01/E03: Lost Boy
S01/E04: Memorial Park
S01/E05: The Everlasting
S01/E06: Around the Bend
S01/E07: A Kiss from the Sky
S01/E08: Strange & Fascinating
S01/E09: A Golden Grey
S01/E10: We don’t Belong Here

In regards to the making of this album, guitarist Mike DeWolf stated the following (during and Loudwire interview):

"It's a life journey kind of concept about growing up and making choices and the effects of the choices you make in your life - one way or the other. It's got three main characters and it's something that hopefully each person can take something different away from - something that can be special to each person individually."

So how hard/easy was the making of this album?

"It came together a thousand times faster than any other album. We did everything completely different. We had this idea - 'What if we wrote a story, broke it into ten pieces, and then wrote the music around that?' Instead of the opposite because the music always comes pretty easy to us but the lyrics usually take a little while longer. We were kind of getting the hard part out of the way right off the bat and having fun with it all the rest of the way. It came together, literally, in 15 days - written and demoed."

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