Monday, April 9, 2012

Emmure: Slave To The Game

Tomorrow marks the release of Emmure's fifth studio album, "Slave To The Game", across stores in North America via Victory Records.  The guys have already successfully launched a music video and a single for the track "Protoman".  Now comes the second single/lyric video for the track, "I Am Onslaught", which you can check out below:

"It’s just a heavy fucking record. It’s another Emmure record that hopefully people get to enjoy with us, because we dig it and that’s what it comes down to. We just make albums we try to enjoy and hopefully people can come along for the ride." -Frankie Palmeri

Track listing for "Slave To The Game":

1. Insert Coin
2. Protoman
3. She Gave Her Heart to Deadpool
4. I Am Onslaught
5. Bison Diaries
6. Poltergeist
7. Cross Over Attack
8. Umar Dumps Dormammu
9. Blackheart Reigns
10. MDMA
11. War Begins With You
12. A.I.

"Still, there is solid work in Slave To The Game, excluding 'Poltergeist' and several bizarre dialogue drops. 'Cross Over Attack' and 'MDMA' (the pharmaceutical abbreviation for that rave-favorite, ecstasy) are in the same league as 'Protoman,' though it might have been prudent to drop the faders a little faster on the end of 'MDMA.'

Slave To The Game is neither a step forward nor a step back for Emmure. The fan base should be well-pleased."

As of July 9th, 2012, Emmure dropped a new music video in support of the track "MDMA".  Check it out below:

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