Friday, June 6, 2014

Beartooth (Ex-Attack Attack!) Stream New Album "Disgusting"

Do you have a problem?  Because if you were speaking to Caleb Shomo and the guys from Beartooth, they would most certainly tell you they do.  While Caleb sings/screams about a former self with alcohol/partying, I feel their new problem should be that enough people have not listened to this album yet.

While I still find some work of Attack Attack to be a bit of a joke (insert "crabcore" antics here), I really saw a transition in both style and sound when Shomo focused his attention towards Beartooth.  I think it's also worth to note that Shomo sings, produces, and plays all instruments, recruiting the other members of the band as a live act.

His live act includes:

Taylor Lumley - Lead Guitar | Brandon Mullins - Drums
Kamron Bradbury - Rhythm Guitar | Oshie Bichar - Bass, Backing Vocals

Clocking in at approximately 42 minutes, the new album “Disgusting“ will be released on June 10th, 2014 via Red Bull Records.  It's definitely worth the listen if you are a first timer.  You can check out the ENTIRE album streaming below:

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