Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Looking Too See Die Antwoord in Toronto

So Die Antwoord (pronounced Dee Ahnt-Woord; Afrikaans for "The Answer") has seeped into my brain for some reason this week and I have been absolutely fascinated with their music videos and their image.

Not something you would expect to be rolling out of South Africa (or most places for that matter) but the group has been very consistent in their touring schedules, lyrical content, and presence in the music industry.  Check out a few of the latest videos below.  Some of which are NSFW but I'll leave that to your discretion.  I didn't see anything wrong with them, but let me be the judge.

"Pitbull Terrier":

"Baby's On Fire":

Don't worry 'bout it, just blow a kiss to me
I like danger, romance and mystery
I'm a lucky ducky, get mad shit for free
I rock more bling than Mr. T
I make it look easy 'cause it is to me
My daddy says it's lekker fokken spif to see
A South African cherrie makin' history

"Cookie Thumper":

Speaking of touring, the group is performing tonight in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall to [what I assumed] a sold out crowd.  Get your tickets if you haven't already because the lights and performance will most likely be spectacular!  Cheers!

"Fok Julle Naaiers":

"Fatty Boom Boom":

"I Fink U Freeky":

Get everything will be free like Dr. Dre Beats headphones
When I get home I lounge on my Zef throne
Make my mummy happy cause I get so paid
Making my money rapping over techno rave
I can take you 'round the world, let's go babe
When I step up and do my thing I put you in a trance

"Evil Boy":

"Enter The Ninja":

Rolling with the $O$
High energy
Never seen zef so fresh
Uh, when we mic check
Hi-def flow's flex
Yo we aren't the messed up
Not fucking the best
We not like the rest
My style is UFO

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